Founded by Patricia Lopez-Yanez, School of lighting “SOL” is an Educational Platform that aims to humanize lighting by teaching companies and people from all fields and backgrounds to use light for the creation of quality spaces that benefit the human and environmental wellbeing, having sustainability as the main driver.

Patricia who has worked as an Architect and Lighting designer in Europe and the Middle East for the last 15 years, brings her expertise from the consultant and client perspectives, which allows her to see the Lighting profession from several angles.

We will be organizing a series of webinars and interviews during the following weeks.

Topics and dates to be confirmed soon.

  • Alumni Talks (in Spanish) – USFQ – “Motivation, Excellence and Leadership” – April 16th 2020 – Link Below –
  • Telling stories with Light (in Spanish) – April 23rd
  • Leading with Aesthetics
  • The leader as a Beacon
  • Understanding the client’s needs from designers
  • Urban Masterplan Lighting
  • Media Facade Lighting
  • The redefinition of lighting after the pandemic


  • Coming soon…

“Motivacion, Excelencia y Liderazgo” (“Motivation, Excellence and Leadership”) – April 16th 2020

I was invited by the Alumni Association to share my experience as an architect in Dubai. Thank you very much to everybody who attended the talk and to the organizers for their valuable time.

“Narrando Historias con Luz” (“Telling Stories with Light”) – April 23rd

I took a group of designers through the design process, making emphasis on the importance of having a clear narrative.